iOS Tap Table Detection
  Record the video
  Record the sound
  Take photos
  Play the sound
  Talk text notes
  Talk current time
  Detect the times of tapping table

 Tap Table Detection
Tap Table Detection 

The different number of tapping, the different reaction :The app is a tapping table app. That means, if we need to fire the reaction, we have to tap the table surface beside the device with one finger. The app will detect the sound level to count the number of tapping


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 Screenshot For Tap Table Detection
 The main features of iOS Auto Cam Photo App
  • Detect the number of tapping table.
  • Set the preferences for different tapping number
  • Different taping number for different reaction.
  • Record video reaction
  • Record sound reaction
  • Play sound reaction
  • Talk text notes reaction
  • Talk current time reaction.
  • For example, one tap action could be the reaction of taking photo. Double tap action could be the reaction of recording sound. Three tap could be the action of video record. Four tap could be the reaction of playing sound or music. Five tap could be the reaction of time report. Six tap could be the reaction of talking notes. Of course, we could update the relation according to our preferences
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