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 Talk SMS Email Note
Talk SMS Email Note 

Talk the note, Email the Note, SMS the note: This app could save the daily notes to the core data system. And talk the notes, email the notes and send the notes as the message. The user could select to talk, send the notes by group from the main form, or talk or send the single note from the single note form.


 Screenshot For Talk SMS Email Note
 The main features of iOS Talk SMS Email Note
  • Record the text note to the database
  • Talk the text note
  • Send the short message with the text note in iPhone
  • Email the short message with the default device mail box
  • The SMS feature is only available for the iPhone device. 
  • If we need to use the send email feature, we need to set the default email box of the iOS device first.
  Contact Information
  • Contact: Click the following link, open the contact form and fill the message.
  • Before filling the contact form, you need to prepare the following items:
  • Item 1: Your Official Name in English
  • Item 2: Your Email
  • Item 3: Subject in English
  • Item 4: Contact Message in English
  •      Open the Contact Form