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  Play the talking sound file when the device is locked. The talking sound files are no more than 50 files.

 iOS Talking Reminder
iOS Talking Reminder Professional & Standard Edition 

This iOS Talking Reminder App includes the active reminder and the inactive reminder. That means, this App will reminder us even when the App is inactive. For example, when the iOS device is locked, the device will play the talking sound at the time we indicted.


Visit this App in Apple App Store, click the icon on the left.
 Screenshot For Talking Reminder
 The main features of iOS Talking Reminder App
  • 1. Run the reminder at the indicted time.
  • 2 When the App is launched, the reminder could talk the text in more than 20 international languages at the indicted time.
  • 3 When the device is locked or the user is using other App, the App could reminder the user by playing more than 50 talking sound files in English and also display the message in the notification bar
  • 4 The App includes the following five standard time reminder:One Time reminder, every hour reminder, every day reminder, every week reminder, every month reminder.
  • 5 The App includes one special time reminder - Interval reminder. After the user indict the interval number, such as 7 minutes, then the interval reminder will run every seven minutes. The interval number could be one minute to fifty nine minute. The interval reminder could work repeatedly when the App is launching
  • 6 If the device is locked, or the user is using other App, or the App is inactive, the interval reminder will only remind the user one time, after that , if the user tap the notification bar, the interval reminder could continue to reminder at the next interval time. if the user do not tap the notification bar, the interval reminder will not remind the user repeatedly.
  • 7 import the text from the paste board, soft keyboard or text file.
  • 8 In the main list, each table cell contains one cycle button at the right side, after tapping the right button,the user could change that status from active to sleep. In the sleep status, the reminder will be ignored.
  • 9 When the reminder record is running, the right button will be stop button. So tap the stop button could stop the current reminder job.
  • 10 The user could select the talking speed from the setting view.
  • 11 The user could control the talking volume from the setting view.
  • 12 In the main list view, at the tool bar, the right one is the wizard button. Tap the wizard button, the user could select the every day template, every week template or the every month template.
  • 13 In the main list view, at the tool bar, the left one is the clear button. Tap the clear button, the user could delete all the reminder records from the database and the notification list.
  • 14 This professional edition also could play the sound file at the indicted time.
 Screenshot Description
  • In the first screen shot, there are two main title lines. One line is for the talking notification sound. One line is for the talking text. There are some reminder whose status is sleep
  • In the second screenshot, edit the every week reminder
  • In the thiird screenshot, the menu list is displayed. From this menu, the user could select the reminder type.
 Fifty talking sound files in the professional edition
  • When this App is inactive, or when the device is locked, this App still could reminder us by playing the talking sound files. The talking sound is talked in English.
  • Below is the notification sounds list:0-iOS default Notification Sound 1-Go home 2- Go to school 3 Go to work 4 Go to the cafeteria 5 Do some exercise 6 Get up 7 Go to bed 8 Set out 9 Go back 10 Take a break 11 Make a reservation 12 Go dating 13 Call up 14 Send an Email 15 Go to the bank 16 Go to the hospital 17 Attend a meeting 18 Go to the grocery 19 Check out the internet 20 Check the email box 21 Play the sound 22 Play music 23 listen the talking 24 Have an afternoon Tea 25 Go to a party 26 Go shopping 27 Have the breakfast 28 Make an appointment 29 Take a photo 30 Make a deposit 31 Withdraw some cash 32 Go on a trip 33 Send a fax 34 Check out 35 Check in 36 Place an order 37 File the paper 38 Check the calendar 39 Take the wallet 40 Take the mobile phone 41 Meet the client 42 Submit the request 43 Finish the report 44 Turn on the computer 45 Turn off the computer 46 Turn on TV 47 Turn off TV 48 Turn on the security system 49 Turn off the security system 50 Turn off light 51 Turn on light 52 Send the short message 53 Water the flower 54 Take pills 55 Look at the pet


 FAQ: What is the differences between the professional edition and the standard edition.
     The professional edition includes the 50 notification sound files. The standard edition does not include so many notification sound files.
  Contact Information
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  • Before filling the contact form, you need to prepare the following items:
  • Item 1: Your Official Name in English
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