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 Sound Reminder
Sound Reminder Professional & Standard Edition 

Enjoy the wonderful music, Hear the favourite sound , Listen the important text talking. Sound Reminder App is powerful, easy to use, easy to manage.


 Screenshot For Sound Reminder
Sound Reminder could execute the three kinds of actions at the indicted time. The three actions are: English text talking,English current time talking and the music file or sound file playing.The user also could set the time by six time reminders. They are called One Time reminder, Interval Reminder, One Hour Reminder,One Day Reminder,One Week Reminder and One Month Reminder.If we need to play the sound file such as mp3,m4a,and wav. Then we need to connect our device to the computer with ITune. And copy the sound files to the iTune file sharing folder for our APP


 The main features of iOS Sound Reminder App
  • Talk the user input text in English.
  • Report the current time by talking in English
  • .Play the MP3 file
  • .Play the M4A sound files
  • Play the wav sound files
  • .Indict the specific time by six reminders
  • One time reminder will run at the specific time only once..
  • .Interval reminder will repeat to run by the interval minute period.
  • Each one hour reminder record will run only one time every hour
  • Each one day reminder record will run only one time every day
  • One week reminder record will run one time one week at the indicted week day.
  • Import the sound file to the local folder by iTune File Sharing
  Contact Information
  • Contact: Click the following link, open the contact form and fill the message.
  • Before filling the contact form, you need to prepare the following items:
  • Item 1: Your Official Name in English
  • Item 2: Your Email
  • Item 3: Subject in English
  • Item 4: Contact Message in English
  •      Open the Contact Form