iOS Follow International Speaker

 Follow International Speaker
Follow International Speaker 

More 20 foreign languages, More than 30 international pronunciation, In iOS 7 , with this APP, whenever and wherever you are, only if you have a little free time, you could follow the native speaker to speak their own language easily and quickly : Listen, Speak, Record, Play , Compare and Repeat. All of these actions could be finished in just two minutes. As a result, your foreign language ability is improved


Visit this App in Apple App Store, click the icon on the left.
 Screenshot For Follow International Speaker
 The main features of iOS Follow International Speaker App
  • Take photo after delaying the indicted seconds.
  • Take photo every period
  • Take photo by sound
  • Take photo by covering the top left corner of iPhone screen
  • Take photo by pinch,long press,double tap,rotation, swipe,or pan
  • Take photo automatically by launching the App
  • Just one command, take several photos one by one.
  • Different gestures, different actions.
  • Set the preferences from the setting view
  • When you use this APP for the first time, five different language Welcome words will be displayed in the table view. Tap the talk button at the bottom left, these five kinds of Welcome words will be talked by the native speakers
  • Tap one line of the five WELCOME lines in the table view,you will enter the single note view
  • Tap the record button, you could record your own talking. After that, tap the play button at the bottom, you will first hear the native speaker's talking. after that, you will hear your own talking
  • Tap the repeat button, talking will playing one by one.
  • Tap the button at the below right, you could select the different native speak language
  • In the main table view, tap the setting button, you could set the speed of talking and the volume of the talking.
  Contact Information
  • Contact: Click the following link, open the contact form and fill the message.
  • Before filling the contact form, you need to prepare the following items:
  • Item 1: Your Official Name in English
  • Item 2: Your Email Address
  • Item 3: Subject in English
  • Item 4: Contact Message in English
  •      Open the Contact Form