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 iOS Daily Talking Watch
Daily Talking Watch Professional & Standard Edition 

Daily Talking Watch includes five applications: 

1 Daily Talking Watch

2 Talking Notes 

3 Talking Reminder (remind when the App is active)

4 Daily Talking Calculator

5 Follow Talking.

Since the version 3.1.1, support the Apple Watch. So the user could use apple watch to start or stop talking watch, talking notes, talking reminder and follow talking.


Visit this App in Apple App Store, click the icon on the left.
 Screenshot For Daily Talking watch
 The main features of iOS Daily Talking Watch App
  • Talking the time every minute, every five minutes, every ten minutes,every fifteen minutes and so on
  • According to our preferences, the APP could talk in the different talking forms such as talking month day time together, or talking weekday and time, or only talking the current time.
  • We could add our daily memo to the talking notes. We could also copy the important document to the talking notes by clipboard, so we could hear the talking of this documents.
  • The exciting feature of talking notes is to select different talking language according to our needs.For example, if our text is French,then we need to select the French from the language list.
  • Talking reminder provides six ways to create our reminder records such as On time reminder, interval reminder,one hour reminder, one day reminder, one week reminder.
  • We could decide which reminder to run. For example, sometimes, we only need to run one hour reminder.Some times, we need to run one hour reminder, one day reminder and one week reminder together, then just select start all button. 
  • When we need to calculate something, then the talking calculate will confirm our input by talking and indict our output by talking. It is very useful when two people are calculating together.
  • We use the log to record our history calculation. Then we need not to repeat the same action.
  • Follow talking could not only talk but also record and play the sound file
  • After playing the sound file with the talking, we could compare our sound with talking easily. So when you try to study foreign language, this feature may be very useful.
  • Of course, with the Follow talking, we could use it as the sound recorder
  • Set the preferences from the setting view
  • Step 1:Tap talking watch button. The talking time list will be displayed. Just select the item we need and go back.
  • Step 2: Tap the start button beside the talking watch, Talking watch will be running
  • Step 3: Tap talking notes button. The notes list will be displayed. Just tap the add button, we could add the new notes and go back. 
  • Step 4: Tap the start button beside the talking notes, Talking Notes will be running.
  • Step 5:Tap the talking reminder button, the reminder list will be displayed.Then select one reminder and tap its button, so we will enter the list view, tap the add button, we could create the new reminder. Tap the start button, then the job list will be displayed. The job list displays the specific time of reminder talking
  • Step 6:From the main view, tap the Follow Talking button, the list view will be displayed. Then, tap the add button, the text view and the record button will be displayed. Tap the record button, the APP will record our talking. Tap play button, the sound will be played. Input the text into the text field, tap the talk button, the text will be talked. Tap the compare button, the text will be talked first, the sound file will be played next
  • Step 7:From the main view, tap the Daily Talking Calculator, the calculator will be displayed. Then, input the expression and tap the equal button, the output will be talked.
 FAQ 1: What is the differences between the professional edition and the standard edition.
The professional edition support the Apple Watch. In this last version, the standard edition does not support the Apple Watch.
 FAQ 2: What is the differences between the Talking Reminder in this App and independent Talking Reminder iOS App.
 The feature of Talking Reminder in this App is only worked when tap the start button for reminder. That means, only when we tap the start button for Talking Reminder, it will remind us by Talking. If the talking reminder in Daily Talking Watch does not start, the reminder will not work. However, our independent iOS Talking Reminder will work even when this App is inactive. When the App is inactive or when the device is locked, the independent iOS Talking Reminder still could play the talking sound file at the time we indict.


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