Daily Talking Calculator
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 Daily Talking Calculator
Daily Talking Calculator Professional & Standard Edition 

Talk the tapped number and operator, talk the result of calculation.      


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 Screenshot For Daily Talking Calculator
 The main features of iOS Auto Cam Photo App
  • Talk in English or mute by setting the preferences in the setting view.
  • Professional Edition could display the detail expression in the main view
  • The full expressional could be record in the log view
  • Set the talking speed from the setting view.
  • Set the talking volume from the setting view.
 Steps for calculation
  • One expression could include more than one operator: (A+B)*C-D.
  • Step 1: A+B
  • Step 2: (the result of step 1) *C  
  • Step 3: (the result of step 2) -D.
  • In the professional edition,Detail expression could be displayed in the main view.
  • Single view for single expression: When the expression is too long, the user tap the expression in the log view, the full expression view will be displayed.


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  • Before filling the contact form, you need to prepare the following items:
  • Item 1: Your Official Name in English
  • Item 2: Your Email Address
  • Item 3: Subject in English
  • Item 4: Contact Message in English
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